I am a seasoned designer passionate about creating delightful user experiences. I understand the value that design brings to a company. I am experienced at working with software engineers and product owners and can communicate quickly and effectively with a team.



I have always been passionate about great design. My mother is wildly creative and artistic, and my dad could make even the junkiest car look like a show piece. Growing up, I was fortunate to go to some amazing art museums and be continuously inspired. I was exposed to new ways of thinking and how this related to things I used everyday. As my love for art continued to grow, so did my passion for expressing myself through photography and design. After graduating from college with a degree in advertising, I began focusing more on the design side of it. I had always had a passion for psychology, so my path naturally moved in the direction of UX and management. I still love to dive in and design whenever I can, though.


All great user experience design begins with a process. I follow lean UX principles to be able to work quickly and be as adaptable as possible during all stages of development. This process works great with teams of all sizes and helps to ensure that the solution seamlessly solves the problem. It all starts with user research, learning what the pain points are with the users and finding a way to solve them.